Along with proud partners Melbourne City FC, Casey Cup 2020 will be supporting This Girl Can Week taking place all across Victoria from 23-29 March for all kinds of women who are all kinds of active. It’s about giving something a go and discovering how good being active can make you feel.

As part of Melbourne City FC’s City Square, that will be hosted at Casey Cup on 28th and 29th March, they will be running a pop-up Soccer Mums pitch on the Saturday so if you’ve never tried it before, this is your chance to rock up and have go.

On the Sunday, we will be hosting a 5-a-side This Girl Can Gala Day, inviting women to gather five to seven friends and participate in a fun and friendly social tournament…. No experience required, no judgement. Why let your kids have all the fun?! Come and get involved – Register your team for FREE online now.


Read up about City’s inaugural This Girl Can 5-a-side event hosted at Soccer5s Dandenong in August 2019:


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